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Paz Coffee Shop Grand Opening

Warm.  Inviting.  Refreshing.  Relaxing.  Welcoming.  Renewing.  These are all words to describe the atmosphere that we have created at Paz Coffee Shop.  Our team has been working hard for the opening of this special place, and on September 15 we opened the doors wide-open to this new expression of God’s love towards Japan.  Yes- there are many ways to express God’s love in Jesus towards people, but the expression that we felt works best in the Japanese context is that of a coffee shop.

All the visitors to Paz Coffee Shop made the Grand Opening truly grand!

A coffee shop is a place to enjoy a cup of your favorite drink with great company in a friendly environment.  It is a place to enjoy music and get away from the busy rush of the day.  It is a place for the community to connect and for relationships to be forged and built.  It’s a place to for you and your kids to enjoy.  It’s the perfect atmosphere to host our Paz Church meetings on Sundays and other special concerts and community events.  Yes, this is a place we envision multiplying to all kinds of stations and key points across Japan with some of the best and most inspiring people we know.  Welcome to Paz Coffee shop.  Welcome home.  

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