Real Life in Japan

We do videos and posts about all kinds of things, but at the heart of Life in Japan is documenting what is happening as our family grows up here in Japan. And although you get a highly edited and polished version of our lives in Japan each week, I try to do my best to really show the challenges and benefits of living here. These aren’t always the easiest videos to make because, let’s face it — it’s our lives! But in the midst of that, there’s something in there that’s very special to share and I hope is encouraging to you as well.

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I love your channel, and after meeting your family in person, I love it even more. You are a disciple of Christ and your channel is reaching thousands with the message of His love for them and just how wonderful an ordinary families life can be while serving and living for Him! Love to your family and all of the wonderful people at PAZ church❤️

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