“Undo” Pressure

Life is full of first-time experiences, like new schools, first jobs and big moves. But when you move to a foreign country, these experiences happen at a much bigger rate. Tackling these new experiences can seem overwhelming, and often are, but they don’t have to be.

Doing things well and doing things right are highly valued in Japan, and that’s one of the the things that I love about Japan. (For example, I think McDonald’s here in Japan is second to none because of the cultural value of quality.) But it also puts a pressure on you that you feel like you have to do something perfect the first time you do it. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

What’s important in any aspect in life is to not give up. I’ve heard it said that “success is standing on top of a pile of failures instead of being buried underneath.” I’ve also heard it said that failure is not a person, it’s an event. Quitting is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. What makes people a success is not that they did it right the first time. What makes them a success is that they didn’t give up in all the failures of life, but kept going until something clicked and went right.

This week’s video is a video of first experiences. Some of them go well, and others not as planned. But when we have strong relationships with family and others, it helps brace us through the ups and downs of life and its’ first experiences— to keep going until we find ourselves on top instead of underneath. Yes, strong relationships with God and others help you take undue pressure and undo it! That’s what I call undo pressure. It doesn’t mean you won’t fail. It just means you have the support you need to overcome your failure, no matter how long it takes.

Do you have that power in your life? It’s one of the big reasons I encourage everyone and anyone, no matter their religion, to come to church! A good church will help you get connected with God and others in such a way that life’s ups and down will be stabilized and you will be supported as you walk through life towards the great things God has for you.

So what are you waiting for? An invitation? Here it is! Now come and get connected!

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i love your Channel its so good God bless you all there in Japan does the girls want to attend High school there or in the states

Thanks! The girls want to do college in the States, but High School will be in Japan, but in English or Japanese? We don’t know yet 🙂

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