We Test Japan’s Emergency Response

If you’ve been alive long enough to have a conscious thought, you know that life doesn’t always go as planned. Recently we planned a 3-night camping trip in the mountains near Nikko, but on the very first morning of the trip Joshua fell and flipped boiling-hot water all over his arm. As he was screaming, I quickly ran him over to a chilly pond and dunked his arm in the water. We removed his pajama top and to my horror his arm was badly burned (I’ll spare the gory details — it wasn’t pretty).

Our friend John was with us and quickly called the emergency number of Japan, 119, and within a couple short minutes an ambulance was there. What was supposed to be a fun couple days of camping vacation turned into a ride in an ambulance to get treated for 1st and 2nd degree burns.

After Joshua’s arm was treated, he was ready for more camping, but for his sake, we decided to pack up and go home so we could help him heal 100%. Now that he’s had a little time to heal, he’s going to make a full recovery (and that story will be told next week). Until then, please enjoy the fun we did have until the accident (and even some of the fun we were able to have afterwards). This wasn’t we planned, but this is life in Japan as it happened!

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