6 Months, 2 Babies

Ruth at 6 months

I arrived home in Brazil to this beautiful woman! Ruth is 6 months along, and she and the babies are doing well. We just had an ultrasound done yesterday and found that one baby is 1 kg and the other 750 g. This is well within the normal range but means that there is a 2 week difference in the due date of the babies. We’re praying that the smaller one catches up with the bigger one. In just the last week (since the last ultrasound) the smaller one made progress, so praise God! Doctor’s orders are for Ruth to eat well and rest much. Wow! Not bad πŸ™‚ Our doctor here is great and meets with Ruth almost once a week to keep a close watch on those precious babies.

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I had a wonderful trip to the States, visiting family and friends, running across the States like a madman! A few of the highlights included:

  • 3 family reunions (dad’s side, mom’s side & immediate) in 2 weeks
  • Going to the Henry Ford Museum
  • Visiting a couple churches, pastors and missions teams
  • Staying in 6 different homes 6 days in a row!
  • Seeing a car go through a building (not on purpose either)
  • Golfing the worst and best golf game of my life
  • Enjoying hot tubs everywhere I went
  • Seeing how much things have (and in some cases have not) changed in 3 years

I got a chance to see many of you and thank God for allowing me to pack in so much in such a short time.

Good thing I handled my own travel arrangements - these guys aren't the safest
Good thing I handled my own travel arrangements - these guys aren't the safest

Speaking of packing, I was able to bring down lots and lots of baby goodies as well as lots of the food cravings Ruth had. Using nearly every pound I had, I got everything down and nothing broke or spilled. Now that’s packing! I passed one of the important tests of missionhood.

The Reutter Family (minus Ruth)
The Reutter Family (minus Ruth)

Now that I’m back, I’m being put to work on an exciting new project with Project AmaZon. It’s our largest communication effort and I’m excited to dive in, but it means lots and lots of work. Work I need to do before the twins come! So off to work I go. Thanks for your prayers and support, they are making a huge difference here in the Amazon.

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Hey~ WoW Ruth looks great! We will continue to pray for the progress of those two beautiful baby girls!!! Glad to hear that you had a great time in the USA. I can relate to all the running around…don’t envy that, but I am sure you made up for being gone for a month by bringing Ruth lots of goodies!!! Hopefully the littlest baby is enjoying that!!! You guys are loved!

You look adorable!!!!!!! Praying for all of you. Can’t wait to meet the girls!!! Love you guys.

Hey guys! I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I smiled my way through this entry. It’s great to know that all is well back in Santarem. I just got back to the U.S. last week and am working on feeling settled in again. (Def. had a taste of reverse culture shock for a few days.) Anyway, hope to hear more from you guys soon. Miss you both!

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