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A “Sharp” Start to 2011

Judging by the start of 2011, it should be an exciting, fruitful year! The girls are quite busy people, walking around, climbing on anything and everything, blabbing away and even helping mom and dad with the housecleaning. They are more and more fun every day as they interact with us and each other. The word “no” is being taught, much to their dismay (but for their own good). Being parents of twins is not just a full-time job — it’s two full-time jobs. Fortunately over the holidays we had Ruth’s family in town to celebrate Christmas with us! We were so, so very busy last year that this year we are paring back a bit in order to balance our new life-responsibilities well!

The Hrubik family all together!
The Hrubik family all together!

Robbery Prompts New Security Measures

Among some of the more interesting happenings as of recently has been the theft of several things from our property. Just before Christmas, robbers started entering our yard when we were not home — jumping over the tall walls. Unfortunately, we had lots of the girls clothes stolen, their bedding, our clothes and many other things left on the drying line. Just two weeks ago they opened up our outdoor chest freezer and took everything in it — tupperware and all! Even the brooms and fabric softener went. We had to do something, so we installed a security-camera system to deter the thieves. But they just kept coming in, even entering while we were at home. When we saw them trying to break into our house (via the video footage), we knew something more had to be done. We got some quotes and installed some concertina wire around the walls. The stuff is nasty, and hopefully will deter the crooks. Hence the “sharp” start to the year.

A few fingers were pricked during the installation of this fence.
A few fingers were pricked during the installation of this fence.

But no security measure is perfect, nor could it be. Our treasure isn’t here on this earth anyway. Thank goodness our treasure is in a place where thieves can never steal it. Is yours? Sometimes you don’t know the answer to that until something is stolen. What would your attitude be then? In the end, we’ve been praying for the good of our “enemies” by praying for their repentance and salvation. But we must also be wise in this world and do our part to protect our family and the things God has given us to use for His Work, hence the fence.

2011 — The Year of Discipleship

Looking back on 2010, we were able to complete a vast majority of our goals. The CD was launched successfully, we had a successful (but quick) furlough in the States, our ministry and family grew (physically, not in numbers). But some of these things happened at the expense of other goals: cell group and discipleship growth. For 2011, we realized we needed to make these things a bigger priority, because they’re a priority to God. 2011 is the year of discipleship and multiplication (cell group growth). We are focusing on investing in our future leaders and disciples, to raise them up to take over the groups we’re going to multiply this year.

Our vision is to multiply our group early this year, supervizing the new groups as we train in two different couples in each group to lead. Then in October, we multiply both of those groups again, installing 4 couples as leaders. Please pray with us to see that happen! To invest in leaders, it takes time, but the harvest in great!

Praise and Prayer Requests


  • Our continual safety in Brazil
  • Generous year-end gifts
  • A great 2010, with an even better 2011 coming

  • The raising up of new leaders
  • Wisdom in balancing all of our responsibilities in the mission, church, family and ministry
  • Continued increase in support

We thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of our heart for your generous support of our family and Project AmaZon. We look forward to seeing all that God has for us in 2011! Enjoy these pictures and don’t forget to click them to see them larger!

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Oh my goodness! Praise the Lord your family has been kept safe through the burglaries.

Also… I’m going to keep asking about PAZ on iTunes until it’s a reality. So – when is the PAZ cd coming to iTunes? 🙂

You have a lovely home and family, Nate. Looks like a lovely place to live with the palm trees and all, but I think it would be a little scary doing laundry there!

Hoping the wire works. God bless you all down there, Gloris

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