A Japanese Encounter

Dear friends and family,

We recently went with a team of Brazilians from our PAZ churches to minister an Encounter with God in Japan — the first one ever for our PAZ churches there. The Encounter with God is a powerful weekend with the purpose of bringing each and every person face to face with their loving Savior. It’s one thing to hear about God and know about Him, but it’s another thing entirely to experience Him. Here in Brazil, people come away from the weekend on fire for God, and there are always testimonies of how God breaks the power of sin, bad habits, addictions, unforgiveness, bitterness, failed marriages, homosexuality, prostitution, rebellion, witchcraft, unhealthy dependencies, hatred and just about any other vice you can imagine. The team that ministers the Encounter spends at least one month in prayer and fasting for this to happen, and the results have been nothing short of tremendous for the Brazilian church.

Arriving in Tokyo
Arriving in Tokyo

One of our big prayer requests was that God would pour out the fire of what He is doing in Brazil on the Japanese. As we prayed, we all sensed that God would move powerfully and that this is the time of harvest for Japan. And that’s exactly what happened. We heard several testimonies of how people’s lives were transformed when they met with God face to face, and those that didn’t get to go are already wishing they had. Several people were called into ministry, some to reach their friends and family for Christ, and others as missionaries to closed countries! Others experienced release of forgiveness and bitterness, receiving healing for past traumas and deceptions. Missionary Tim Huber said that in all his 20 plus years in Japan, he had never seen such a powerful response as this!

The church hears powerful testimonies of what God did at the Encounter
The church hears powerful testimonies of what God did at the Encounter

But our purpose wasn’t just to bless Japan in the short-term, but to also be praying about long-term missions in Japan. Japan is an unreached country, with less than 1% Christian. In fact, Japan remains one of the most secular nations in the world according to the World Values Survey. PAZ Japan leaders Tim & Christine Huber have been praying and requesting a Brazilian missionary team in the explosive ADM vision of cell group and discipleship for some time now. Already Paul Hrubik, Ruth’s brother, is there with a several year commitment to pastor one of the churches and transition it to an ADM church. He is doing a tremendous job, and the church is soaking it up, well on their way!

Anna and Becca with cousin Paul
Anna and Becca with cousin Paul

The Japan Team would ideally consist of 5-10 couples and is slated to move in the summer of 2014. We have been selected as one of the couples to go, so we covet your prayers for this to be completely confirmed for us. Interestingly enough, as a little girl, Ruth used to dream about serving with her Uncle Tim (Huber) in Japan, but never got a chance to go. Now we have seen with our own eyes the overwhelming need of the Gospel in Japan, and our own hearts go out to them. We feel like God is confirming in so many ways. Thank you so much for all your love and support. We need it more than ever! God bless,

Nate, for Ruth and the girls

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Nate, Ruth, & girls, we want you to know we will be praying
for you as you plan for this transition. We thank God for you
and thank Him for His blessings to us so that we may have a
part in your ministry.

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