A New Chapter

Saying good-bye to many Brazilian friends
Saying good-bye to many Brazilian friends
It felt oddly familiar as, over the last 5 months, we have transitioned out our responsibilities in Santarém, sold everything and said goodbye to loved ones and friends to move across the world. Seven years ago, we did the same thing when we moved to Santarém. Now, our destination is Tokyo — plus 3 kids. Before our April 24th arrival in Japan, we will spend some time visiting family, friends and supporting churches as we look to raise additional support. Our goal is to raise $8,000 of monthly support. Our current remaining schedule looks like this:

Sun, Feb 16: 1st Free Moline
Sun, Feb 23: Crosspoint Eureka
Sun, Mar 2: Geneseo Free
Sun, Mar 9: New Life Morton

We just happened to return to the midwest for one of the worst winters in recent history, piling the miles on the van just as fast as the snow can fall. I missed experiencing winter after living in 7 years of eternal summer, but I’m quickly getting my fill of the wild weather and will soon be ready for Spring. While the girls like the snow, they also are experiencing the not-so-nice side of the 4-season life: cabin fever. We have been eating plenty of McDonald’s recently, or any other food place that offers indoor playlands — anywhere the girls can run around and burn some energy!

Rebecca and Anna go sledding for the first time with their cousin Sophie
Rebecca and Anna go sledding for the first time with their cousin Sophie

We very-much look forward to visiting our churches, friends and family and connect and catch up. We’ve been encouraged by many who have increased their support and others who have just started supporting. We are excited about this new chapter God is writing and your love and support is more critical than ever. We’ll see you soon!

We're back in the cold again!
We’re back in the cold again!

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Nate, are you coming to our area at all? We were hoping we would get to see your family and meet Sarah.

You bet! It’ll be April 11/12. Maybe it’ll be warm by then! 🙂

Hi !

It’s always delightful to see pictures of you and your three little dolls !!! Praying for you !

Alice & Bob

Hey you two! Or 5…. I will be at Crosspoints on Feb 23rd! Cannot wait to see you guys

That’s great! We can’t wait to see you 🙂

Terri and I were hoping to get to see you before you leave for Japan. Looking forward to March at New Life in Morton.

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