Japan’s 6th Grade Trip

Japan is a land of traditions that go back hundreds, even thousands of years. One of them is a trip that all 6th graders take to one of Japan’s historic sites. Becca and Anna recently went on their trip to the historic town of Nikko. Nikko is famous for its’ temple that’s over a thousand years old, tremendous waterfall and monkeys.

So when the Friday for the trip came, instead of heading to school they headed to the train station where a special train reserved just for them was waiting. This train carried them away to a bus that was waiting to take them on the rest of their trip.

When Saturday came, Ruth and I could hardly wait for them to get back and see how it went! We went to a park near the station to hang out and wait for them to get back. We were so excited to see them and get the scoop — how was Japan’s 6th grade trip to Nikko?!!!

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