Life Inside

What is your inside life like these days? One thing for sure, everyone is getting to see a lot more of inside life these days, and the results aren’t always to our liking. While being at home with the family has many benefits, the constant time together isn’t a good mix for all families. During this time, we seek to give each other grace and be good examples for our children in our attitudes and behavior, but we don’t always get it right. It’s important in those moments that we let our kids know that we messed up. I’ve had to apologize to my kids a couple of times just this week about things I’ve done! And they’ve needed forgiveness for many things as well. But having an environment of love is key to covering each other’s shortcomings, and we all have them.

If you’ve already blown it with your family (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?) then the right thing to do is to ‘fess up — say the words “I’m sorry for…” There’s nothing more freeing and liberating than asking for forgiveness for our shortcomings. Those who give grace receive grace.

We want to be able to look inside our homes, inside our lives, and see something of beauty. If we look inside and it’s full of ugly hate, stress and fear then it’s time that we take these things to God and in Jesus’ name ask for forgiveness of our ways. It’s time to ‘fess up to God. When we do, we receive His grace to change and his power to overcome the darkness within. Then when we look inside, we will see the very love of God changing everything, and that’s special.

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