Maximize Your Space

Everyone has problems and issues that they face on a daily basis. That’s just part of life. For kids it might be the bully at school, or the test coming up. For adults it might be broken relationships and difficult work environments. Your health just threw you a curve ball, or money may be a major issue always weighing you down. You may feel like your life is cramped and you’re not free to really grow into your full potential. What if there was a solution to the daily problems you face — would you want to know about it?

Perhaps the biggest adjustment and problem we faced when to moving to Japan was not the language, food or even culture. It was the space! We went from big home rural living to compact major-city living all while our family grew. It was a night and day difference. Feeling cramped is not a fun feeling, it feels like you’re being shackled down.

Not all of Japan is cramped though, because when you move away from the major cities, things become much more spacious. While the thought of moving outside of the city does appeal to us, we are living and working in the city and need to be here. So we are constantly improving our home to maximize our space, and that’s all about what this video is about.

How about the problems you face? Have you found solutions for them? Chances are someone else has also faced the same problems, and there may be hundreds or even thousands of others facing the same issue right now. Some of the biggest breakthroughs in business, ministries and medicine came because there was a big problem, and instead of bowing to that problem or accepting it for what it was, someone persevered and found a solution and started sharing it with others.

Finding a solution for your space concerns is one thing — finding truly abundant living full of love, joy and peace is another. We were designed to experience a life full of these things, but instead we often dwell in the gutter of life instead of on the mountains. The solution is to maximize your space by getting a new perspective.

Get a New Perspective

Get outside of your normal worldview and experiences. Get another option. Look at another angle. And no other perspective is as accurate or life-changing as the Bible. The Bible is God’s perspective on life — its’ purpose, its’ design and its’ destiny. From the Bible we learn about who we are — the problems of sin and death that face all of us and the solution for mankind who is Jesus Christ.

There’s a reason that the Bible is the number one selling book of all time. No other book is like the Bible. It has the power to give solutions to every day problems. If you haven’t ever tried it, you can download it for free and start this life-changing experience. It has changed my life and daily gives me strength. It can do the same for you.

Here are two apps I highly recommend. The first has the Bible in hundreds of language and translations (including Japanese). You can find reading plans that help you start reading for the first time.

The second is a great a great Japanese Dramatic Bible and I use it for studying Japanese. If you’re going to read or listen to the Bible in Japanese, this is perhaps the best place to go. The highlight of this app is not just the wonderful, easy to understand Japanese translation, but also the professional voice acting of the dramatic reading. It’s great.

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