Here Come the Conferences!

Here they come, 3 Conferences in 2 weeks! Ruth has been heavily involved in planning, organizing and coordinating the details of these 3 conferences that will set the tone of the coming 5 years with Project AmaZon. Here’s how they break down:

  1. Base Leaders Meetings
  2. This is a meeting of the base leaders of Project AmaZon. It starts today (Monday) and goes until Thursday. (Ruth and I are not involved with this conference- only some of the planning)

  3. PAZ Leadership Conference
  4. This is our huge, bi-annual, church-leadership conference for many pastors of PAZ and missionaries. It will be a key time of vision casting, leadership training, fellowship and spiritual refreshing. This year we are launching the project 1000 by 2014 – our great goal to plant a total of 1,000 churches by 2014 (we currently have 500)! The keynote speaker this year is Harold Weitsz from South Africa. He has had tremendous success in church planting and developing Bible Schools in Africa. Look for the exciting details of this conference in the weeks to come on

    A sneak peak at the logo I developed for our brand new initiative, 1000 by 2014.  Be looking for it in English, shortly!
    A sneak peak at the logo I developed for our brand new initiative, 1000 by 2014. Be looking for it in English, shortly!
  5. PAZ Missionary Conference
  6. Last, but not least, our annual PAZ Missionary Conference, specifically for the English speaking missionaries with PAZ. This is always a special time of fellowship and spiritual renewal.

Please pray for these conferences: that everyone would remain safe, that all the details would work out, that we would be filled with faith and for a special visitation of God that would energize us for the tremendous work ahead. Please pray also for our car! Yes, our car seemingly knows exactly when it would be most inconvenient to break down. It broke down right before our last big conference that we were involved in (the MDA Conference last October) and the other day, while running around preparing this conference, it broke down again! We thank you for your prayers and support – now let’s go plant some churches!!

Men are always impressed with big water tanks.  These two, new, 20,000 liter tanks replace the old, unreliable system at camp.  They're a part of a large new project to improve our facilities.
Men are always impressed with big water tanks. These two, new, 20,000 liter tanks replace the old, unreliable system at camp. They're a part of a large new project to improve our facilities.

A Reutter’s Year in Review

The Hrubik family girls

Happy New Year! It feels like it’s been a year since our last update (heh heh – some jokes never get old). We took some time off to get away from work and the town (and the internet) and spend some precious time with family. All of Ruth’s family are in town this holiday season, and it has been wonderful to be together. Get ready to enjoy lots of pictures from this Holiday season – you’ll see it was more than just a fun family time.

Before getting to the pictures, Ruth and I just want to once again emphasize our thankfulness to you – your love, support, Christmas cards & notes (which we receive each day!) and willingness to partner in Kingdom work. We feel so blessed and are trusting the Lord for a wonderful 2009! We also pray each day for you, that you would be blessed as you continue to be a blessing in God’s Kingdom.

Ruth Update

We have good news and bad news. Against the norm, we’ll share the good news first: the doctor said Ruth is nearly fully recovered, doing exceptionally well. He is ordering tons of tests for Ruth, just to go over everything very well to see if there is anything to watch out for in Ruth’s next pregnancy. He believes Ruth’s next pregnancy will be a healthy one, and our next baby as well! Praise God – that’s what we’re praying for!

The bad news: the doctor said that given the outcome of her last pregnancy, she should play the next one super safe and not do any air travel at all while she is pregnant. That means if we get pregnant when we hope to (some time this Spring), Ruth will not be able to travel to the US (or anywhere via airplane, for that matter). I was super bummed to hear that, because our life and plans, once again, were thrown in the air and left hanging. Among many other things, we’re learning to be more flexible! Ha! So now we’re in a “wait and see” pattern. If anything, I (Nate) will probably come to the States alone in August and have an abbreviated stay – visiting family, friends and our 4 supporting churches. Of course, this is all subject to when Ruth gets pregnant. If she doesn’t get pregnant before our trip to the States, she’ll be able to come, but we are praying that she gets pregnant as soon as she is healthy, which, pending these tests, would seem to be very soon. Keep our us and our plans before the Lord and we will trust together that the Lord will work everything out for the best! OK, enough talk, lets see some pictures!

The Picture Portion of a Phabulous Update

One of my Christmas presents this year was a new Nikon DSLR camera. Wow! What a wonderful gift- I’m loving it! About the only way to top that would be if someone wanted to give us a house. Any takers? Ha! Just look at some of the great photos we took:


An Amazon Trip on the Arapiuns River

Here's our speedboat or "voadeira" in portuguese, the Lucas Huber - named after Ruth's uncle and founder of Project Amazon. This little boat was our home for 30 hours. No padding on the seats and some very rough sections of water makes for a long ride! The advantage is that you can cover at least 3 times more water than a normal barge or boat. It's a great way for river workers, pastors and supervisors to get around.

Come along with me on a trip up a tributary of the Amazon River as we visit a recently planted church! Make sure to bring plenty of sunblock 🙂 Enjoy!


4 Weeks, 3 Boat Trips, 2 Film Crews and 1 Great Response!

Finally! The update I’ve been promising is here, and what an action-packed update it is. The title alone makes you wonder what all has been going on, doesn’t it? Since Anna died, God has been doing some absolutely amazing things that is getting us more and more excited about the future. Let’s start where I left off before the “My Hope” updates, right before Ruth and I sang at the National MDA Conference in Santarém.

On Thursday, October 23 both Jeff and Becky Hrubik spoke at the MDA Conference, an annual conference where pastors and leaders from all over Brazil come to Santarém to learn from some of the most successful church planters in the world and be equipped to make disciples in all of the world. The theme of the conference was “The Spirit of Faith that Makes the Difference” and it marked each address. Jeff talked about how a strong spirit of faith in the midst of trying times can allow us to bend and not break when our circumstances get tough. We felt so honored as he used our story with Anna as an example of a godly response to trying times. Becky spoke afterwards about living a life that is worth the living, telling real stories of her mom and dad who, in the end, lived an amazing life with a huge eternal impact. They gave up so much to live how they lived, where they lived, and in the end it was all worth it.

It was in that context that Ruth and I sang a song I wrote two days before Anna died, inspired by Melvin Huber’s life and testimony – a song about living life for the fullest eternal impact.


Minha Esperança (My Hope)

Day 2 Update – Nov 7

The first night of the nationally broadcasted program of Minha Esperança was met with a great response within our cell group. Several of our cell group members invited their unsaved friends to watch the program together. There were a total of 6 people in need of the Gospel there last night.

The program was short and powerful, with a number of songs from top Brazilian artists and testimonies from two different soccer players, such as Kaká, who talked about their hope in Christ. Billy Graham shared a powerful 7 minute Gospel presentation and then after the program ended, I stood up to look over the group of people gathered, a group with tears in their eyes who were deeply touched by the love of God through Christ. I shared briefly about the hope Ruth and I have in Christ and how much it strengthened us through all that we passed through with Anna Rebecca. I invited those who wanted to receive Christ as their hope and savior to raise their hands, and there was 3 responses, including the family we invited, José and Elizangela!! I led them in a prayer of repentance of sins and faith in Jesus Christ. What an amazing privilege it was to be a part of God’s grace extended to these precious people!

And this is just the first night of 3 nights of broadcasting! And this was just one of over 2,000 groups meeting in our church alone! And we are just one of over 80,000 church across all of Brazil participating in Minha Esperança!! Continue praying for the next two nights, that the Gospel would find open hearts to receive the message of hope through Christ. Pray also for a young lady who raised her hand to receive Christ and prayed the prayer, but has some doubts that she wants to think about first. Pray for God to get ahold of her heart and faith.

Day 1 Entry – Nov 6

Dear friends and family, please be praying for the largest potential evangelistic outreach in Brazilian history, Minha Esperança or “My Hope.” In Santarém alone, there could be as many as 6,000 people come to Christ, and this is a national event! Ruth and I have invited some friends of ours to go, so pray that they will open their hearts to the amazing love of Christ. The event will be tonight (Thursday), Friday and Saturday and meets in people’s homes as it is televised live across Brazil! Read what we recently posted about it at Project AmaZon’s website.

Loved ones, I can hardly wait to give you an update on what happened at the MDA conference when Ruth and I sang, or what happened during the 3 boat trips immediately following the conference. God is preparing the way for a season of rapid growth here in Brazil, and we’re being used as a part of it! How exciting. Look for the update to come soon to our website (hopefully yet this weekend). Until then, be in prayer for Minha Esperança and our friends who desperately need Christ.

For those of you who live in the Quad Cities area (and you know who you are!), 1st Evangelical Free is having a missions conference this weekend and at the Friday night 7 PM service, there will be a live interview with Ruth and me over Skype! If you’re in the area, don’t miss it! I’ll be able to see if you were there or not 😉